Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Robyn Brooks.

Based on the number of stylish gals I have seen sporting these bracelets, I think it's safe to say that Robyn Brooks is the next big thing to RSVP to the arm party.

Robyn is actually a KC girl working in NYC.  She launched her own line after spending a number of years in the industry working for some of the biggest names in fashion (hello, Manolo Blahnik). 

Each bracelet comes in a variety of widths and is offered as a cuff, bangle or hinged bangle.  But the best part to me is that she uses a unique assortment of natural materials to set her jewelry apart - cork, stingray skin, python just to name a few.  Then you can choose which color of skin you'd like.  No two bracelets will be alike, which is the beauty of the whole thing. 

I have seen the orange and cork in person and they are both AMAZING.  These jewels have promptly moved their way to the top of my lust list.  These pictures really don't do these items justice - visit her website, especially the press section, to see the baubles in their glory.

She also makes a gorgeous collection of clutches and day bags - the cork is by far my favorite for summer.  Unfortch, the day bag version in cork is sold out...but there's still the clutch!

Have you seen these around town yet?

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  1. I think they are on sale at STandard right now! pricey, right?