Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dino Pack.

I have a dinosaur fanatic on my hands.  Every morning he "hatches" from his bed as a different creature and insists on acting like said creature for about an hour after waking.  We're well beyond T-Rex and Triceratops - it's all species I can no longer pronounce, periods I can no longer keep straight and every rock or stick protruding from the ground is a fossil he wants to dig up. 

Since he's such a fan, I took my sweet to the dinosaur exhibit at Crown Center, which of course meant we needed to stop by the KidOH! section at Halls Crown Center.  It's a feast for the eyes with lots of adorable kids clothing (brands you can't find anywhere else) and a great corner filled with toys, home items and cute gift ideas. 

Of course my guy was immediately attracted to the MadPax Spiketus Rex backpack.

Perfect for my dino-man, right?  Halls just carried one size, but the packs actually come in 4 different size options:  Full Pack (orange and blue above) for ages 5+, Half Pack (green above) for ages 4-. 

The other 2 sizes are Nibblers (cool lunch sacks) and Mighty Bites (gadget holder - just 6" big). 

I really, really love The Bug's current backpack - a classic LL Bean with his name on it.  But maybe he's ready for something more grown up...more boy-ish.  These definitely feel like they could handle the beating an almost 5 year old dinosaur would give it.  One of these would definitely make him roar.  I have a feeling I will be headed back to KidOh! one day soon. 

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