Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Test Kitchen.

This past weekend, The Texan and I had the opportunity to attend dinner with the underground supper club known as "The Test Kitchen."

We have been privy to the emails announcing the dinners for a few years now, but have never been selected to attend.  That changed on Saturday. 

I learned Friday we had gotten in, promptly paid our dinner fee and awaited the reveal of the "secret location."  (Every dinner is held at a different spot - a warehouse space, a photography studio, a flower shop - it's one of my favorite things about the club.)

We arrived Saturday at the gorgeous Roth Distribution (luxury appliances) space and were handed a glass of sparkling prosecco.  Off to a good start!  We mixed and mingled with the other attendees (approximately 25), explored the amazing kitchen and home showroom and chatted with our chefs for the evening.

After about an hour of cocktailing, the dinner began.  Seven magical courses and wine pairings later, we went home full and happy (and with a few new friends as well.)

duck leg ravioli with roasted fennel

mache salad dressed in nutmeg - husband's fave

corn and jalapeno chowder

seared scallop over celery root puree

herbed lamb loin with root vegetable hash - my fave

coriander brined pork loin with risotto and broccoli

almond mousse with pralines and cherry brandy syrup

I'm a big believer in supporting the Culinary Arts and the woman who runs the club is too.  If you think food is just food, this is not a dinner for you.  For me, some of my favorite memories are tied into the meals I had while making them.  And yes, I usually remember what I was wearing too!

If you're interested in an amazing experience, here's how The Test Kitchen works:

1)  Sign up to be notified about the secretive dinners at
2)  Receive the Save the Date email.  Interested in attending dinner?  Reply to have your name placed in to the lottery draw.
3)  Keep your fingers crossed that you receive the coveted "You are In" email.  Pay your dinner fee.
4) Private location of the event is revealed.
5)  Show up and enjoy.

Anyone else members of the Club?


  1. I am SO jelly that you got to experience that!! I have been on their mailing list forever, but have never actually submitted our names for the lottery. Something about having three kids and how The Hubs never wants to spend a lot of money on fancy dinners, yada yada. Glad you had an amazing time. I may just have to start submitting us on the D.L....


  2. I love this club, I hope it makes it way across the state to STL

  3. Jill - I thought it WAS in STL. I swear I read that earlier in the summer....