Monday, October 10, 2011

Home for the Holidays.

As The Bug gets bigger and bigger, it becomes harder and harder to NOT decorate for the seasons and holidays.  I've never been one for lots of decorations and STUFF around my house.  But I can't resist my child.  He keeps asking "when will our Halloween decorations go outside"?  I think he's thinking this...

...where I'm drawing inspiration from these...

We managed to get the pumpkins this weekend and the mums last, so we're on our way to having a festive front porch. 

When we lived in Chicago, our neighbors always had great wreaths that tied with the seasons.  I think that's something I can get into.  I finally made an amazing wreath last Christmas, but perhaps it's time to invest in a timeless Halloween/Fall option.  Something that just whispers "boo" instead of jumps out of the darkness at you.

Do you decorate for the holidays?

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