Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gettin' a Fix.

I was so excited when I first read about Stitch Fix over at 9 to 5 Chic.  Personal Styling delivered to my front door?  Sign me up.

Here's the details:
1)  Answer a few questions about your style, your sizes, your life.  Fork over a $20 "down payment."
2)  Your package with 5 items picked just for you arrives!
3)  Try on the goodies on your own time.  Mix and match with what you already own. 
4)  Return (for free!) what you don't want.  Keep what you do.  (Of course, you pay for what you keep minus the $20 you've already sent.)

It's amazing!  And more amazing?  My options arrived over the weekend.

Navy Embroidered Top, $44 from StitchFix

Printed tunic, $60 from StitchFix

Kip Print Top, $52 from StitchFix 

Black faux fur vest, $65 from StitchFix

Cute, right?  I found that everything fit very nicely into my wardrobe and added a cute punch to all my classics (jeans, stripes, blazers, leggings).  My 5 items ranged in price from $44  to $75, which I thought was very reasonable.  Plus, if you keep all 5 items, you receive a 25% discount off your purchase. 

Want your own Fix?  They are in beta-testing now, but sign up here (please use this blog as your referral) and get started. 

(For the record, I ended up keeping the black vest.  Can't resist the "fur".)

(For the record again, photographing yourself is perhaps the most awkward task.  Ever.)


  1. you're the modeliest of the real people...cute stuff!

  2. all your outfits are so cute..i am really intrigued, I am going to check them out today:)


  3. Soooo cute! Thanks for the love :)