Monday, October 24, 2011

Cozy Time.

I am currently craving all things cozy.  Right now I am wearing my go to lounge pants and a super soft tee.  I'd love to add this amazing piece from 360 Cashmere to my lounge wear, but ahhh yes, it's $300+.

I hadn't heard of this line until I came across the above beauty at a local boutique the other day.  The line focuses only on sweaters and mainly on cashmere, but they do use other luxury fibers.  I love the mix of black and beige in this piece as it would go with literally anything.  It's a sophisticated version of cozy, don't you think?

And really, I'd be happy with any of their Fall Collection.

The first sweater can be found at Clique Boutique in the Village Shops or online at 360 Sweater.  

What's your go-to cozy outfit?


  1. i've so been craving cozy, too! i love black & gray leggings with a big soft, slouchy t-shirt or sweater. oh that is my comfy weakness. and fuzzy socks!