Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sarah's House.

One of my favorite design shows is Sarah's House on HGTV.  It's hard to catch and doesn't air as frequently as many of their other shows, but when it's on, I am glued.

It follows Canadian designer Sarah Richardson as she purchases a home and fixes it up room by room.  Each episode focuses on the makeover of one specific space.  Most recently she fixed up "Sarah's House 2" also known as a mid-century split back in Toronto.  

Visit her portfolio for more images.

She took a very confusing split level space and created something quite beautiful.  She's mindful about creating spaces that are actually live-able and she does try to stick to a budget (although hers is much more than mine will ever be!)

Have you watched Sarah's House?


  1. love that show and your right it hardly ever comes on!!

  2. love sarah! She's definitely one of my fave designers.