Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wedge for Work.

Here we are at the end of summer and I have yet to find a cute black sandal that is appropriate for work.  (And I'm already ready for Fall!)  Enter Kimchi & Blue Suede T-strap Wedge from of all places, Urban Outfitters. 

One of my managers has these in black and ivory and they are adorable!  And she claims, comfortable.  Which is key.  Working on hardwood floors and also chasing a toddler around can be tough on your toes.

I also like that they are suede as I think that can take me a little further into fall and the wedge heel is great for height and comfort.  Think I will head over to Urban later this week, squeeze past the hipster teens and try to snag myself a pair. 


  1. Great find. These are cute and they look comfortable too!


  2. Very cute, if only I could wear wedges... I am on the hunt for a fun green pair of loafers. Seen any?

  3. Sarah, that is hilarious about White Collar. He is HOT!