Friday, July 8, 2011

London's Uniform.

Once we survived our jaunt in the country, we headed back to London (the whole driving on the other side of the road thing is a little tricky!) and promptly got started doing the tourist thing. 

The Texan is a better tourist than I.  I would happily plant myself in a coffee shop and enjoy the people watching all day long.   He would rather hit Frommer's Best Experiences List.  So, we do a little of both.  Morning at Buckingham Palace....afternoon at Caffe get the drift.

One thing I learned about Londoners over my latte is they love a trend.  And the one they seem to be loving these days is the shorts over tights look. 

The weather is pretty mild in London this time of year, and with the constant threat of rain, this is a style they can still strut in July.  But, this is not a look for me.  I actually think all of these gals look adorable (and really when does Olivia not?!), but I would feel like a dork trying to pull this off.

What do you think?  Shorts over tights a plus in your book?


  1. As cute as O and the rest of the gals look in the photo, this is one trend I will not partake in. Ever.

  2. Love shorts over tights - especially with boots! I really love this trend for the fall :) Cute post inspirations.