Monday, December 5, 2011

Stocking: Little Boy

One of the better parts about Christmas morning is the stockings.  I love all the little odds and ends (and candy!) that is usually inside mine. 

Our family stockings usually contain wrapped presents with a clue on them - something that my husband's family grew up doing.  (i.e. "For your pearly whites" and the gift would be a toothbrush.)  It's a pretty fun way to add a little more excitement to our morning. 

We (er, I mean Santa) took care of The Bug's stocking over the weekend and I think he's going to be very pleased. 

I Spy Wonder Tubes

Filled with water, glitter, sand and classic I Spy objects, this is going to keep him busy for hours (or maybe 10 minutes!)  And at $4.99 a piece, you could afford to get a couple of colors.

Dino Dudes Scratch and Sketch

Dinos are big in our household.  And so is playing "school."  This activity book is perfect for snowy afternoons. 

Travel Pouch Jigsaw Puzzle:  Space

We're slowly getting in to Space and this travel puzzle will be perfect for learning the planets.  Plus, I like that all the pieces are contained in their own seal-able bag.  There is nothing more annoying than losing puzzle pieces!

Tegu Pocket Pouch

I've shared my love of Tegu before.  But I especially love this 8-piece set of magnetic blocks.  Once you start playing with them, they are pretty addictive.  This set comes with their own pouch - perfect for storing in my bag should the need for entertainment arise.

What's in your stocking?


  1. we have one of the wonder tubes and it's so much fun every night to look at before bed, this is a great list!

  2. Just found your site! And after reading about you on the meet me page, I feel like we could be besties! I just dug our stocking out from a box and I like to fill them with little goodies, candy, chapstick, gift certs!
    Newest follower!!!!