Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pretty Packages.

I began wrapping our Christmas gifts over the weekend and I have to say, I kind of enjoyed it.  I used to really hate wrapping gifts, but once I started making a "theme" for each year (I know, crazy), it brought a little enjoyment to the process. 

This year, I went with a red, silver and white theme.  Silver paper with red snowflakes, red paper with silver trees and Santa paper (for The Bug) with red and white accents. 

I've also developed a love for accessories on a package.  I used to be a gal that just slapped a pre-made bow on.  But now, I love pouring over the ribbon, finding a cute little something to tie on the package and sourcing unique pre-made bows. 

This year, I found tiny snowflakes and ornaments at Target.  Most everything was priced around 50¢ - a super cheap way to make your packages special.  The candy cane idea is very cute - thinking between my dog and my child, my packages would be licked to death before Christmas Day.

Do you get excited about wrapping? 

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  1. I hate hate hate wrapping.....but this post gave me some inspiration!!! Maybe I will try a theme too. My tree is all in red and gold so I will try to make everything red and gold to match. Is that too much?