Friday, December 16, 2011

Edward the Elf.

Yes, we are participating in the Elf on the Shelf craze.  No, I am not nearly as creative as some of the other pictures I have seen out there...

Our Elf, Edward, gets pretty crazy by hiding in the bananas (boring), hanging upside down on the tree (snooze) and peeking out of dad's boots (stinky).  He had to shake things up a bit. 

One idea I loved is having the Elf get in to the presents.  The Bug asks almost every morning if it's time to open gifts yet.  It's really sweet and shows how much he is in to the season this year.  I figured one teeny tiny present that Edward had already half opened would be fun for him this morning. 

Crazy Edward!  And if you are curious as to what he got into, it's the Hape Bamboo Mini-Vehicles.  Seriously one of the greatest toys $5 can buy.

There are 8 mini-cars in the collection all made of bamboo and decorated with different bright colors.  They are very durable and the perfect size for tiny tots.  And like I said, at $4.99 each, they are pretty inexpensive. 

We got the Black Low Rider as a potty-training reward and Edward gifted him the Orange Twin Turbo this morning.  The Bug loves pushing these around the house and I usually toss them in my bag for entertainment at restaurants.  I've given these as gifts too and most moms have commented how much their boys loved them. 

What has your Elf been in to?

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