Monday, September 5, 2011

A Better Block.

After my unexpected bed rest, the family and I took a little vacay to the most perfect place on Earth.  (Even with Tropical Storm Lee crashing our party.)  While there, I was introduced to Tegu Blocks.

A block set is no longer a block set.  Eco-friendly, Honduran made, building blocks with magnets inside.  They are offered in a variety of sets (8-52 blocks) and colors (Natural, Mahogany, Jungle or Tinted) and the packaging is cool. 

While I love the overall mission and social responsibility of the company, I'm fascinated by the magnets inside!  The Bug can build and build without the frustrating factor that regular blocks offer - they fall down with the slightest bump.  Look at the amazing-ness...

I'm a little partial to "The Pocket Pouch" set:  8 blocks in 2 shapes (cubes and short planks) packaged in a cute felt bag.   At $32, it's not super spendy and you can see if your child likes it.  The sets are all interchangeable so it's a great way to test out the toy. 

You can buy these online at Tegu or visit their Facebook page

Have you seen Tegu?

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