Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Blog-land is all a-buzz now that Zara is offering online shopping.  I popped into a Zara while in London this Summer and had a hard time - the store is noisy, crowded and messy.  But online, I'm good. 

Here are my picks.  Maybe I will have that extra glass of wine tonight and place and order.  (PS - did you know that's a thing?  People drink and shop?  It even has a name - Buying Under Influence. )

Honestly, I think I could find a lot more things if the website were a little better.  Full body pictures, more description on the items, better fits on the models and more styling ideas.  I'm really not that picky, so not sure how this bare bones site is going to go over with the American consumer. 

Don't you adore that sequin blazer/jacket?  Hello New Year's Eve! 

Have you placed an order yet?

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  1. I'm so excited to check out Zara online! Thanks for sharing!