Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Elegant Edie.

The clutch.  I've always had a hard time embracing it as I never quite know what to do with it once I arrive at my destination.  Do I set it down on the table?  Wedge it under my arm?  It's just never been comfortable.

But I might be willing to reconsider the clutch now that I've discovered the Edie Parker line.  I'm especially fond of the "Jean" clutches.  (You know how I love a stripe.)

Created by a former PR gal at Gucci, these line of bags are a throw back to the era of showgirls and socialites.  Something you might find on a good day in a vintage shop.  Acrylic wearable sculpture of art, according to them.  I think they are pretty chic, even though they come with a hefty price tag.

PS - that second bag?  Glows in the dark.  Genius.

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