Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend in Food.

My bod is not happy with me.  I pretty much ate my way through the weekend - a huge meal home on Friday, homemade cookies courtesy of Nana all day Saturday followed by a meal out that night.

But what really killed it for me was Sunday. 

Guacamole from Ina.  (It was Cinco de Mayo after all.)

And a pretty easy White Chicken Enchiladas that were gobbled up at family dinner.  I'm happy that I made a second pan for leftovers this week.  These are fairly easy to make for enchiladas.  The rolling up of the tortillas is the most time intensive part, but the Sour Cream Green Chile sauce that goes on top is super quick and oh so tasty. 

My mother-in-law followed up her famous ginger cookies with yet another Ina special - Raspberry Crumble Bars.  Not ashamed to admit I ate 2.  The perfect sweet, crunchy, salty combo.  And I think they look very impressive - would be great to bring to a party. 

I will have to hit the Bar (Method) pretty hard this week, so it's probably a good thing that their second studio opened last week in the West Plaza area.  Now I have zero excuses to find a class time that works for me.  

How was your weekend?


  1. You have an extra pan of enchiladas?? I will be right over!!

  2. OMG- those white chicken enchilada's! Love that recipe! Weren't we sharing that back in the good Ol' Hand Works days? :)

  3. Those enchiladas are so good! We served them at a luncheon last week. I may have to let Jason B. torture, I mean train me, if I keep eating like this...