Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bronze Body.

Tis the season for exposing my pale, pale bod to sunshine.  I do tend to avoid the sun, but I don't necessarily want to look like Powder while doing so.

I've used many a sunless tanner before and just can't get in to them.  Jergens especially is bad for me (I turn orange) and it stinks so everyone's go-to just isn't my thang. 

So, at the reco of a friend, I picked up a bottle of L'Oreal Sublime Bronze last week at Target.

It is an instant bronzer, meaning you look immediately tan and then the self-tanning lotion part kicks in about an hour later.  The instant bronzer definitely helps you see where you have applied none or too heavily, which is a nice feature.  There is a bit of a subtle sheen/glitter to it that may not appeal to everyone, but there isn't a noticeable scent, which is a huge plus for me.  

I have been mixing it with about 1/2 regular lotion just to tone down the bronze a little, but for those ready to dive right in, I'd use it as is.  

L'Oreal claims that once you have achieved your desired tan, you only need to apply 1-2 days a week to maintain.  This seems like a lot less maintenance than the gradual tan lotions out there.  

Anyone else try Sublime Bronze?


  1. Haven't tried this one yet, but I def will. I just got the jergens self tanner and it left me looking incredibly blotchy...not cool!

  2. YES. Tis my favorite, and I don't think it leaves you with that smelly "I've been self-tanning" funk. Bonus.

  3. I have given up on my self tanners and now I get a spray at Hollywood tan