Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer Bucket List.

Well, today is the last day of preschool for The Bug.  In just 12 weeks, he will start kindergarten.  Where has the time gone?  And what the heck are we going to do with all of our time together?!

Inspired by my blogger friend (and real life friend!) Julie, we came up with a Summer Bucket List.  Even though The Bug will be attending "camp" each week, there are still plenty of days for us to fill and memories to create before he's officially a kindergartner.  

How many of these can we check off this year?

Trip to Omaha (Zoo, Children's Museum, Air & Space Museum)
Day Camp at the Kansas City Zoo
Visit Science City
Make boats to sail at Franklin Park
Weekend at the Lake (of the Ozarks)
Visit Little Freshie for a sno-cone
Participate in Summer Reading Program
Get frozen yogurt (maybe he will eat more than toppings this year?!)
Trip to Texas to visit Nana and Papa
Trip to Lee's Summit to play at Williams-Grant Park (totally stole this from Julie - they have a pirate ship in the park!)
Get a treat from the ice cream truck
Play with my cousins
Night at Great Wolf Lodge
Eat a Shipley's Do-nut
Go to work with Dad
Take the training wheels off the bike
Day at The K
Impromptu dance party (current favorite jam?  "Mirrors' by JT, of course!)
Spend the night at Nan's house

We are kicking things off today with a celebratory picnic with our friends, followed by an afternoon at the Zoo.  Welcome Summer!

PS - Need some ideas to create your own Summer Bucket List?  Visit The Happy Family Movement for more ideas. 


  1. This is a lofty list! My bucket list consists of getting those punk floral pants...:)

  2. You're so sweet! It's fun to have a plan so you're not at a loss what to do. I'm hoping we make it to Omaha as well.