Friday, April 26, 2013

Girl Stuff.

Tomorrow we're heading over to some friends house to celebrate the 3rd birthday of their sweet little gal.  It's hard to believe she is ONLY 3 since she's been potty trained for quite a while, speaks in full sentences and can hang with my almost 6 year old.  Girls are just different I guess.  

This little lady happens to be one of my favorite gals on the planet and not just because she compliments me on my accessories every time I see her.

"That's a pretty bracelet."

"Can I wear that necklace?"

"Those shoes are fancy."

Instead of going with toys for her gift, I decided she needed some accessories of her own.  Ones that can hold up to tiny fingers and constant wearing.  

It is a good thing that The Bug is not a girl..we'd have a lot of glitter and bows around here.  Full disclosure:  he has been wearing the headbands.  He looks pretty cute!


  1. after having a girl, i so get what you are saying. My daughter at 3, has many of the skills and abilities my boys had a 5. Girls are way different, but WAY dramatic too. Hope the party was fun!

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