Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sleepless in PV.

We are living in Allergy / Asthma Hell over here.  The Bug is currently on FIVE medications all to supposedly help his runny nose, red eyes, scary cough and wheezing.  One of the medications is a steroid which makes him out of control hyper and suffer from insomnia. 

It's 9 parts annoying and 1 part funny.  I am imprisoned to the house because his behavior in public is just so shocking and I am tired of telling strangers "he's on loads of medicines.  please excuse his crazy."

Thankfully, we only have one more day of the steroid so I am hoping we can finally sleep.  Four restless nights are catching up with me.

Hope you are not battling allergies!


  1. there are some mornings where I wish my kids would be sick (just a little) so I would be forced to stay home and clean and organize, then when it actually happens I go crazy that I am stuck at home!!

  2. this may sound a little granola, but i just convinced my husband to try acupuncture for his OUT OF CONTROL allergies....he's had one of two sessions and is actually in pretty good shape so far! we have high hopes after this second session. for what it's worth...you might look into that if you're comfortable with the idea. ox