Thursday, April 25, 2013


Excuse the absence, once again.  I find that when "real life" hits, like the events of a few weeks ago, blogging seems to take a back seat.  It feels silly and strange to blog about material things when there is real heartache happening in the world.

But, the sun was out today and I am feeling fine.  

There are a lot of balls in the air over here - work events, wrapping up preschool (I can't believe it!) and a mini-makeover on the home front, dining room specifically.  A big reveal coming soon - promise.  

In the meantime, a few things that have been on my mind lately....

J. Crew Punk Floral Trouser

I can't get enough of this Punk Floral print.  I'm trying hard to resist snatching it up in every possible piece.  And it comes in quite a few:  dress, scarf, bikini, shirt, skirt, sweater.  For now, let's just say I own the blouse.  (Don't tell the hubs that there are 2 different blouse styles...)

I just finished reading The Dinner by Herman Koch.  It's twisty and a page turner.  If you liked Gone Girl, you'll like this.  I have a feeling the movie options just might get picked up...

This is the "ice box" my mother-in-law and her family used as a refrigerator growing up.  I have big plans to update it with new hardware and a snazzy color so it can serve as a bar table, but I'm having a hard time deciding what to do with it.  Thoughts?  

What's been going on with you? 


  1. love that print and what a cool piece for a bar! I love color, is it going in your new dining room?

  2. I love every single thing you posted. Those pants? Need. Book? Totally adding it to my reading list. The ice box? I personally wouldn't change a thing about it, but I'm sure it'll look amazing no matter what you do to it!!

  3. Your husband already knows that there are 2 different blouse styles! And I kind of agree on the don't change a thing concept on the ice box. Downer.