Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Horned Jewelry Stand.

While waiting for an appointment this week at my hair salon and spa, I came across these adorable jewelry holders.  Wouldn't they make the perfect gift for the Holidays?

Jewelry stands are something no one ever buys for them self, but everyone needs.  I love how whimsical they are, but also pretty functional.  This would be darling sitting on a nightstand or dresser. 

Surprisingly enough, Bijin had quite a collection of great gifts...from these stands to jewelry, beautiful pens, an assortment of body lotions and salts, even cute party supplies like sparklers and poppers.  Who knew?  Next time you are in the Village, stop by!

The IMM Living Porcelain Jewelry Holder can be found at Bijin Salon & Spa or online.


  1. LOOOOOVE those, but I didn't see a price on them on the blog - don't suppose you remember how much they were priced?

  2. ok, I am much are they?

  3. Hi Ladies...the Deer Jewelry Holder is $44.99
    the Antelope Jewelry Holder is $35.99.