Thursday, November 8, 2012

Henry's Haul.

A few weeks ago, we celebrated The Bug's birthday.  And despite the fact that the child has a zillion toys, he was of course gifted with a zillion more.  Here are the ones that were big (huge) hits in our household.

Turbo Twister Stunt Car.  This thing moves fast, has wheels that flip and flop and lights up.  We've had lots of fun playing with this in Nan's dark basement and also outside thanks to the early darkness.  (If you follow me on Instagram - @sharrison1028 - you would have seen this gem already.)

LCR Dice Game.  This has been a fun post-dinner game.  It's quick, easy to learn and teaches him his left from right.  I've heard that it's even more fun to play with dollars instead of chips.  But I can't raid his piggy bank, can I??

Turbo 2000 Glider.  Old school gift from the neighbors.  We quickly assembled the Styrofoam plane and got to flying.  I throw it, The Bug chases it.  Over and over again.  So simple, but so fun. 

Magformers Rainbow Set.  This is been the surprise hit and I even enjoy building with these.  Yes, slightly more expensive, but they have been pretty loved around here.  Simply, they are magnetic building shapes that snap together to form different objects.  They include instructions that The Bug has no problem following.  The catch with these is that they are addicting and you want more and more sets so you can build bigger and better objects!

What are your kids loving?

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  1. LRC is a huge "party" game in our family. We usually play with dollar bills and after having a few adult beverages!! It can get pretty rowdy!! I will have to check out the Turbo Twister cars for my nephews- I think they would love those for Christmas!!