Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Book Signing.

Last week, I took The Bug to a book reading and signing at a local church hosted by Rainy Day Books and featuring the beautiful Jamie Lee Curtis.

For those that don't know, Jamie Lee has been writing children's books for about 10 years now and was in Kansas City to celebrate the release of her latest, My Brave Year of Firsts.

We listened to Jamie Lee tell (children-appropriate) stories about her life, go on and on about how beautiful Kansas City is (it really is!) and of course, read her book.

They had several raffle drawings (we did not win) featuring many great retailers - the fun new nail salon, Hoopla; the soon to be re-opened The Little House and of course my favorite local book store, Rainy Day Books.  They even gave away a gift bag to all the kids that included stickers, a cute color wheel crayon and a 20% off coupon for The Little House.

It was a GREAT event and The Bug and I feel very cultured now that we have attended our first book reading together.  It's all about making memories for him. 


  1. Love her books and what a fun event that must have been. I usually only get to attend Vivien's book signings/meet the author at our lectures.