Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beauty and The Bar.

Last Sunday, the lady bloggers got together for a little squeezin', shakin' and sweatin', otherwise known as a Bar Method class.

For those of you who know me, you know I am 100% dedicated to this method of working out.  I have been a loyal follower since the Leawood Studio opened about a year ago.  I try to go 3 times a week and I honestly can say it has toned me up faster than any other exercise I've done.  (I could probably be really toned if I ate a little better, but that's a discussion for another day.)  Hoddy led us through an intense workout - Bloggers like to complain it seems! - but it was great and exactly what I needed on that particular day.

While we were there, an Arbonne rep treated us post-workout treats, their Energy Fizz drink and an overview of their skincare line, RE9.  Arbonne is a beauty line made from premium botanical ingredients, formulated in Switzerland (where all the good stuff is made!) and sold through reps here in the States.  I have heard great things about the line and most of the bloggers attending had tried it already and raved.  Anything that will slow the 5 signs of aging in 4 weeks is good with me!

I picked up some samples and so far, I am loving the line!  I caved and ordered their Smoothing Facial Cleanser - I'm a sucker for a good face wash. 

Anyone else use Arbonne?  Who wants to try Bar Method?

You can read about some of the other gals' experience here and here. 


  1. Sounds like fantastic workout! I have been wanting to try the Bar Method for some time as an alternative to the gym. May have to give it a try, eventually.

  2. I have been telling Melanie that I am dying to try the bar method, there is one about 2 minutes from my house!!

    ha, I bought the moto tweed jacket from the gap a couple weeks ago too :)

  3. me again, alot of my friends go to Daily Method and LOVE it, i would bet anything that my friends know your friends, small world.

    I don't know the difference between bar and daily methods but the new bar method is less than a mile from my house and I am always seeing girls going in and out