Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Glitter is Good.

In college, when we would get ready for a big night on the town, it would usually involve an eyebrow wax and a new coat of nail polish.  And if we were feeling extra special, glittery nail polish.  Clearly, we were waaaaay ahead of the time back in the late 90's as the glitter nail is back en vogue.

Back in the day, I preferred Revlon's Nail Glitter Top Coat.  It was a PAIN to take off, but it was cute and sparkly - perfect for a bunch of gals in their 20's.   

(And actually, I still think Revlon  makes a pretty good, cheap polish.  Vixen is a fave.  Mine always stays put for a while.) 

But today, it seems 10 fingers of glitter is overkill.  Just one finger, preferably the ring finger, will do.  Loving the subtlety here...

...and the statement making finger here...

I think it's all pretty fun - and festive for the holidays.  Have you tried ring finger bling yet?

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  1. What is the name of the glitter in the second pic and what is the brand