Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Bookworm Party.

Books.  They are a prominent part of our household.  From my crazy late night reading, The Texan's constant rotation of library books and The Bug's ability to (still) sit in my lap for hours on end reading, we are a household of book worms.  Which is why we wanted to celebrate it at the 4th Birthday Bash - the Bookworm Party. 

I had the most amazing time planning and executing this event (seriously should have been a kids party planner in a previous life).  But the best part?  Going through all the pictures and seeing a smile on my little man's face.  I truly think it was the time of his life. 

A big thanks to all the amazing people who helped me pull this off and look crafty (and Etsy for existing.)  The cupcake toppers and door signs were from Pinwheel Lane; the pom flowers from PomLove, the pinwheels from KlipsNscraps and of course the beautiful photography is by Ever Ashley Photography

And for those local people, I highly recommend Jo Ho Storytelling.  Every single child loved her!

For more images of the special day, visit Ever Ashley Photography

Now - on to next year!  Anyone have any good theme ideas?  I gotta admit, RHOBH Taylor had a pretty good thing going with her County Fair party....


  1. Oh my, what an adorable party! Perhaps it's time to become a party planner...

  2. So cute! I'm planning a book party for my soon-to-be 2 year old and got some inspiration here!

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