Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome, 2013.

Ahhh, 2013.  I am happy to see you and the slow, cold days of January after the CRAZY December we had. 

Christmas was so much fun this year - lots of visitors, parties, food and fun was had and I am glad to be back to a normal routine.

A quick recap of what you've missed...

A very fun holiday party in our home.  It's amazing what happens when you mix finance people + retail people.  Let's just say you could definitely tell which group worked where!

The Bug's Christmas Program, where he spent most of the performance ducking down and hiding behind the other kids (in between eye rolls, of course).

Priceless reactions to presents.

2013 will bring a couple of home projects, including an attempt at adding some storage in our finished basement, recovering my dining room chairs and attending a once in a lifetime formal event in our nation's capital.  Stay tuned...!


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