Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Inauguration Experience.

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you know by now that The Texan and I had a very exciting few days attending the Inauguration and Inaugural Ball.  Regardless of your politics, this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that we enjoyed every minute of. 

We have a friend that works very closely with Mrs. Obama, which is how we scored our invite and tickets to the fest in our nation's capital. 

We woke bright and early Monday morning and started the 2 mile + trek to the Capitol to get through security and secure our seats in the "red" section.  We were seated just outside the grandstand that you see on TV.  We had a pretty good view of everything - including the President.  It is an awesome experience to see the President speak and be surrounded by close to a million people cheering, feeling empowered by the things he said and most importantly, celebrating this great country we live in. 

After a quick disco nap, we got gussied up for the Inaugural Ball.  Honestly, I was expecting a huge room filled to capacity with zero chance to see anything of significance.  Boy, was I wrong.

Again, thanks to our White House connection, we were able to experience the Inaugural Ball in the privacy of a Friends & Family lounge.  Yes, there were a couple of celebrity sightings and The Texan even made friends with a few Senators, but the best part was all the entertainment!  Katy Perry, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson - all just steps away.

The Texan with New York Senator Charles Schumer

While everyone was concerning themselves with what Mrs. Obama would wear, I was more worried about myself!  I rented the runway and got myself this David Meister navy blue number.  More on that experience later...

A huge thank you to my sweet friend in D.C. for making the experience possible.  D.C. is an amazing, historical city that everyone should experience.  And if you can attend an Inauguration while you're there - even better.  


  1. What an amazing experience! Love the photos.

  2. Wow, so exciting Sarah! You look gorgeous - can't wait to hear more! Kara

  3. That's awesome! My parents attended for GWB's second term and thought is was amazing! Can't wait to read about your runway rental.

  4. so cool! Can't wait to hear more about it...drinks soon!

  5. Talk about an amazing experience and loved seeing the pics!

  6. Once in a lifetime experience. And you look gorgeous!!