Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Break Countdown.

Happy Monday all!

It was a rainy weekend in KC spent mostly working (by me) and traveling (by The Texan), which meant that I didn't really get to tackle my to do list, but another day, right?  I did hit up a new KC hot spot with one of my favorite blogger and real life friends - please check out her newly designed (and fabulous) site!

We are getting ready to head to Mexico for Spring Break and it couldn't come at a better time.  We both need a break from work and The Bug is looking forward to showing off his newly acquired swimming skills.  (Truth:  he told me he was looking forward to swimming to "happy hour" for lemonade.  Am I proud or ashamed?!)

He will be styling in these darling swim trunks my mom just picked up for him at Gymboree.

I swear I am having the hardest time finding LINED trunks for a 5 year old.  What retailer thinks that a little one needs to let it all hang out??  I don't usually find much I like at Gymboree, but these are lined and were 25% off last week.  Keepers!

What are your Spring Break plans?

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  1. Enjoy a Mirinda or Mojito for me. Love going to Playa this time of year!