Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Derma Doctor.

My skin is not making me happy these days.  Ulgh.  Maybe it's because I am eating poorly or perhaps it's deciding to age...either way, it's the pits.

While browsing at my favorite salon and spa last week, I was offered a handful of samples to test out before taking the plunge.  The esthetician strongly recommended a good old fashion scrubbing two times a week to keep everything looking nice and clean.  Despite the fact that I use my Clarisonic Mia every morning, sometimes you need something chemical to really knock all the junk off your face.  Her favorite was Derma Doctor's Physical Chemistry.

You apply on clean dry skin, rub around for a minute or so and rinse with warm water.  It's very tingly (in a good way) and definitely abrasive.  I like how it makes my skin feel soft immediately and leaves my cheeks a little red and alive looking.  

It has Glycolic and Alpha Hydroxy in it so it feels medicinal - certain spots on my face were tingling more than others.  It is supposed to help with fine lines, lifeless complexion, dry skin, post acne discoloration, blotchy skin coloring and assorted other conditions.  All things I can benefit from.

It retails for about $85 so it's pricey, but so far, I really like it.  Plus, the jar would probably last several months so the cost per use would be acceptable.  (Way cheaper than a monthly peel, right?!)  

Any use this product or any other Derma Doctor products?

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  1. Sarah, my moms swears by derma doctor! Her skin looks fabulous for her age! I can't justify spending the dough for a product like this, but you know what i have been using and my skin has never looked better...Organic coconut oil! I buy mine at Trader Joes. I use is to take off my makeup and as a moisturizer. It sounds crazy I know! But that stuff is amazing!