Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day Dresses.

I am having a love affair with casual dresses.  They are just so much easier to throw on  in my daily life than shorts.  (Plus, I am not the biggest fan of shorts to begin with.)  Even The Texan has noticed "is wearing dresses a thing now?"

I do have a few requirements though:  they must not be sheer (so many are!) and they can't require a special bra (as many do!) and they must be reasonably priced.  I'm not running around in $100+ jersey dress.

Here are a few of my favorites...

Gap Crewneck Dress, $59.50.  SO MAD I didn't not pick these up during their recent 25% off promo.  And now I refuse to shop any Gap brand without a coupon, so I will wait.  Surely another promo is just around the corner!

Felicity & Coco Tank Dresses, $68.  Loving this line at Nordstrom.  I can't decide between the color block navy one (the belt is super cheap, but I would just replace it with one of my own or none at all) or one of the vibrant colors. 

Do you have a favorite summer dress?


  1. I have not paid full price for anything at Gap in at least a year...they are always doing promos!!

  2. Very very cute options! I might have to go check those out at Nordies....

  3. i am loving that first dress a lot!