Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Pearls never go out of favor. But they can be a bit matronly. Luckily, this Spring, there are a lot of pearl options, but with a modern twist. A statement necklace is always my favorite as it easily transforms a basic outfit.

Anthropologie Sagitta Necklace

Adia Kibur Ivory Pearl & Crystal Necklace, Shopbop

J. Crew Pearl Pinwheel Necklace

Erickson Beamon Duchess of Fabulous Necklace, Shopbop

I like to mix my classic messy strand of pearls with something shiny and sparkly.  How do you wear your pearls?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Recap.

What a weekend!

First up, I tested a new recipe I pinned on Pinterest for White Chicken Enchiladas with Green Chile Sour Cream Sauce - delicious!  I love Mexican food so it was fun to be able to make something this tasty at home.  You can find the recipe here. 

I scored a set of 16 Audubon prints for $15 at Barnes & Noble. My plan is to pick my favorite 6 and arrange them in a grid above the bed in my master.   Love crossing things off my Decorating To Do List! 

The Texan and I met some friends at the newest hot spot in town - Gram & Dun.  My evening started with this "Urban Mesa" and got better from there.  Patron Silver, lime juice, grapefruit juice, Cointreau and few other goodies - modern take on the margarita. 

I am having a mild obsession with getting a new sofa and for some reason, really feeling something blue.  I think it would bring a focal point to my family room filled with neutrals. 

How was your weekend?

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I don't know about you, but getting my eye shadow to look perfect has always been a challenge for me.  I just don't have a lot of patience for the application process.  I recall many a night in college letting my BFF play makeup artist on my lids.  Had to look good for bottomless cup! 

These days I tend to find two shades I like and wear them every day.  Maaaaaybe add some liner if I'm feeling crazy. 

Then I discovered the JK Smoke It Up I-Kit, at Target (natch). 

It is a palette of the greatest neutral shades in both matte and pearl finishes which can be finished off with the darker shade as either a wet or dry liner.  I use it one to two colors at a time, but for those of you familiar with the smoky eye, this would be everything you need to create that look. 

I also love the sleek black packaging - perfect for travel or a quick touch up. 

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One winner will be selected Wednesday, February 1.  You have until Tuesday, January 31 to enter.

Do you use Jemma Kidd products?  What are your favorite eye shadows?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Child's Chair.

We are having a chair conundrum around here.  We have two kitchen dining options - a wicker chair belonging to a small round glass top table or a high bar chair under the kitchen island.  Neither are very kid friendly.  The Bug squirms around in the wicker chair (understandably so - they aren't very comfortable) and usually ends up on the floor and the high chair seems to invite crawling and climbing on the island. 

He's obviously too old for a high chair...what should he sit on?  Leave it to Tori Spelling to solve my problem.  I was watching Tori & Dean last week (obviously) and there they stood in all their toddler-friendly glory...the Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair.

This chair has been around since the 70's (Why didn't I have one, Mom?) and is designed to grow with your child.   The inventor was inspired to create the chair when he watched his son struggle to get comfortable at the family dinner table - grown out of his high chair, but far too small to sit in an adult chair.  Bingo!  Exactly our issue.

It's a beauty in modern architecture and I love how this image really demonstrates its versatility.  I also like how it looks like a piece of furniture - I always hated our giant plastic high chair.  It also comes in an amazing range of colors, including lots of natural woods, sure to fit in any decor.

The downside?  It's $240 - for just the chair.  No fancy belt, tray, baby adapter kit, etc.  Yikes!  If I would have made the investment from day 1, I can justify the price.  But not so sure right now...

What do your children sit in?  Have you considered the Stokke Tripp Trapp?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Goodies.

I know I've posted about my Loft Love before...but I just had to share the two new items I snatched up over the weekend (using the 20% off coupon I received in the mail, of course!)  I'm ready for Spring and with the extra savings I had, I couldn't resist.

I love a stripe and can't wait to wear this.  It's one of those wear now, wear later pieces.  Now with a dark cardigan or blazer and later with...

This much-more-adorable in person (and fits me way better than it fits this model!) hot pink cardigan.  I have a lot of navy and gray in my wardrobe so this will be the perfect pop of color my neutrals need.

One thing I love about the Loft's version of "silk" is that it's actually rayon.  I know all the fabric snobs out there will dismiss this, but I find it to be much more wearable in my Mom Life.  Sticky hands leave a stain?  No problem!  I can wash it.  I also like that it feels dressed up, without really being dressed up. 

Have you started shopping for Spring?  Any must haves I should know about?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Learning to Read.

I have a very curious 4-year old.  Right now, he wants to know what every.single.word on every.single.sign we pass says.  He's always been in to letters, words and reading - we had a whole birthday party about that - so he's old enough now to try to start reading some of those letters and words on his own. 

I have heard many good things about the Bob Books so I got him the Beginning Readers Set.  In a nutshell, these books are set up to build on top of each other.  The first book in the set contains only 4 letters ( M, A, T and S), which are letters most preschoolers can sound out.  New sounds are added in each subsequent book until they can read words containing all letters of the alphabet. 

The only problem?  The books are pretty boring.  The Bug lost interest immediately. 

My mom found the Now I'm Reading series at the teacher store and we are hooked!  Created by an elementary school teacher, this set of 10 books uses patterned/repetitive text and picture clues that really help The Bug figure out what the word is.  It's pretty impressive (to me at least!) that he can figure out it says "my feet are for kicking" just by knowing what sounds letters make and seeing the picture.

PLUS - there's stickers!  Every toddlers dream come true.  Each time they read the book, they place a sticker in the designated spot in the book.  (And maybe mine gets a piece of candy...)

No, I'm not one of those moms who thinks my child is a genius nor do I want him to read before everyone else does.  I just think these are a great way to keep him curious about reading and also give me a break from story hour every once in a while!

Have you heard of Now I'm Reading?  When did your kids start reading?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Highlighter Hues.

One of my favorite every day items is a highlighter, preferably pink or orange.  I love crossing off things from my to-do list with it, highlighting parenting tips from my new favorite book (Parenting with Love & Logic), I even use one to decorate The Bug's sack lunch every day. 

So, it's no surprise that I am loving the highlighter accents popping up all over the fashion world.  Neon is obviously something to watch out for this spring.

Loving this pretty tunic from Banana Republic.  So easy to throw on with, you guessed it!  Skinny jeans and flats.  How gorgy would this be with white pants come Summer?

Gap is getting in on the action with this ponte blazer.  Already getting lots of love in the blog world.  Pink isn't your thing?  Also comes in lime green and red. 

My little man is already in on the trend by sporting this lime green hoodie on the few warm winter days we've been having.  I must say, he looks adorable in it and receives many compliments on the bold color choice.

Maybe my favorite thing I have found (and honestly what inspired this post) were the just-a-hint-of-neon bracelets I found at Anthropologie.  

What a great way to get in on the trend without rocking a head to toe look.  Corded Neon Bracelet made by German-based designer, Sabrina DeHoff.  Seems she's in to the neon thing as well, based on a few of her other pieces Anthro is carrying.

What do you think?  Are you excited for a Spring full of neon?


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Drab to Fab.

You can imagine The Texan's surprise when I came home a few months ago with the "perfect" chair for our bedroom and hauled this thing inside.  (Excuse the phone picture.)

He was less than thrilled about this sitting in our house (and ultimately in our garage for more than a month).  Did I mention it was also on the verge of falling apart? 

A bit of research (and Pinning!) later, this is what I picked up from the upholstery shop over the weekend.

Hello gorgeous!

Nothing a little high gloss black paint, some amazing fabric and a talented upholstery guy can't fix.  I love having this beauty in my master bedroom - the perfect pop of color it needed.

Hmmm, what should my next project be?

PS - the fabric is Covington Fabric & Design's "Wesley 232 Palm" purchased at Nell Hills.  Amazing fabric room if you are in the market!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crazy (Workout) Pants.

Based on my recent Bar Method class, it seems that the colored pant trend has made its way to workout wear.  It was no longer a sea of black workout pants and colored tops.  And judging by the amount of color options I found online, I think this trend is here to stay.

Lululemon seems to be leading the trend with their Paris Pink and Pigment Blue options...

But for those of us that want to test the trend but invest less, Nike offers up bright options options as well. 

For all you wild women, try these Python Print pants from Hard Tail.  That would be really making a statement at the gym!

Personally, I love the trend and think it looks adorable on the right person.  I might have to ease in to it...maybe a pattern or crazy waistband will be my first step!  Like these adorable Lucy Yoga Maniac pants. 

Cute, huh?!